Join Catherine Allison on the 7th of September for a new Tanba session: “New business is everyone’s business”.

As a trained actress, Catherine has combined her knowledge of acting with her 20 years of agency experience to develop and lead presentation and communication skills training sessions specifically for those working in the agency environment.

One simple solution to winning more business and standing out from the crowd is to foster a strong, agency-wide new business culture. The most successful agencies are those who actively encourage the whole agency team, from the receptionist to the CEO, to hop on board the new business bus and journey together in search of fun, fame and fortune.

Any agency, small or large, can have this agency-wide approach to new business. It’s about leveraging more effectively what you have around you – your people. By leveraging your people in the right way you can all work together to help your agency stand out from the crowd.

But how can you ensure everyone’s engaged with new business and that it isn’t just down to the senior team or new biz director to identify and convert new business opportunities?

In this hour-long interactive session we’ll talk about the 4 Ps that form the building blocks of a strong new business culture:

  1. Proposition
  2. Plan
  3. People
  4. Performance

We’ll focus in particular on how you can encourage your people to feel more confident in talking about the agency, its proposition and its services – so that they’ll no longer need to rely on the senior team or the new biz director to ‘sell’ the agency.