In February’s episode of The New World of New Biz, we discussed the best tools and tactics to attract and win new business. Our Founder, Katie Street, was joined by:

This session covered:

How to use email campaigns effectively

The webinar started with a discussion about the effectiveness of email campaigns when it comes to growth and bringing about a response. Steve Harlow, Chief Sales Officer for SoPro, started the conversation by stating the importance of addressing the person you are emailing as though they are a friend and showing your personality through your email. “Now don’t be afraid to have any sort of humour in there. Have a small icebreaker referring to the day of the week or whatever you can do.”

Katie Street then added to the conversation that you also need to include insightful content into your email campaigns so that the reader feels you are helping them solve a problem they have. “It might be an invitation to a webinar, it might be a link to a podcast, it might be a report or a white paper. What it is, there’s that insightful piece of content that’s going to help solve a problem that they have.”

Andy rounded up this part of the discussion by talking about how it is also important to understand the challenges you need to solve for the person you are addressing and base the conversation around them and their companies’ challenges. “Get to know your audience and understand exactly the problem you solve for those target personas. Don’t go too broad, be super focused with it, because then you can just easily make the conversation about that person and I think that really is the core of everything.”

How to make emails personalised

The panel then discusses how to make emails personalised towards a person, especially when they are automated, so they do not come across as computerised and the receiver is more likely to respond. Steve talks about how you can go through your automated emails and clean them up where necessary. “We go right, how will that sit in an email and we go through each one. We clean them up, we’ll shorten company names where it makes sense and when we’re weaving them into a sentence as well, we try to make it seem very natural.”

Andy continues this conversation by talking about the effectiveness of corporate gifting, and how people are more likely to interact with you if you give them something first. “People are much more likely to respond if you give first so, if you are trying to make it about someone, nothing makes it more about someone than saying ‘Hey, I’ve brought you a coffee.’” He also states that a great platform for this is Huggg, as they provide you with a variety of corporate gifting options, starting from £2.50.

How to start creating content consistently

The panel then went on to discuss how you go about starting to create brand content, and why consistent content is the key to growth. Adam starts the conversation by talking about the key factors you should consider when it comes to creating content. “Think about how long should your paragraph be, the sentence length, not overusing the passive voice rather than the active voice and having a call to action in the post. The minute you have the topic and the content pillars in place you know that internal process, and once you have that internal process you can then be consistent.”

Katie then follows up on Adam’s point, where she talks about how a consistent tone of voice within your content helps you start growing. “If you want your content to start getting noticed and to resonate you’ve got to understand who you are, how you talk, and make sure that that is also consistent as well as that the content is helpful.”

What to include in your final follow up email

The panel finally discussed how you approach sending your final follow up email to a potential client, when they have not interacted with anything else you have recently sent them. Steve starts the conversation by talking about how showing your personality in that last email helps represent you as a business and makes you approachable. “But the key is personality. Make them aware that you’re not going to patch them every week to the end of their life.”

Katie Street continues the conversation by talking about how making someone feel like they have lost something, which would be your company and their services, is a great way to bring about a response. “So a different scenario, the ‘have I lost you’ also really really works because nobody wants to feel like they have lost anyone.”

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