Last year, Beelivery raised £4.5m in investments to further strengthen its position as a leader in the grocery delivery market. The company is also planning to grow its leadership position, to further increase brand awareness and to bring new innovations to its unique offering for its customers. The company currently doesn’t work with a creative or media agency, which could be a new opportunity for you as the brand looks to increase its advertising and marketing activities.

Beelivery acquired London-based grocery delivery counterpart Pinga earlier this month, gaining 5,000 of Pinga’s customers; and is looking to complete more acquisitions as it cements its position as one of the few grocery delivery companies in the UK with an average delivery time of less than an hour.

The brand is also currently raising £25m to keep growing and is exploring M&A deals. It is now also open towards further strategic alignment with its closest competitors. Beelivery spent £1.5m on advertising in Q3, which is more than its competitors Getir and Gorillas.

Its service now covers 90% of UK households and there are no signs of consumers changing their newly acquired habits and reliance on convenience deliveries.