Tea consumption has been in decline in the country with revenue falling from £1.77bn in 2018 to £1.5bn in 2020. Although there was an uplift in at-home drinking during the pandemic, the overall category remains challenging and the previously downward trend is expected to return.

Clipper Teas is one tea brand working to meet the growing interest in functional tea blends. Throughout 2021 and moving into 2022, the business rolled out several new organic blends which target benefits like stress management and relaxation.

Clipper Teas’ marketing & category director Bryan Martins said: “We’re continuing to tap into the growing shift towards functional teas with associated health benefits as more people look to improve their health and wellness. This was accelerated by the pandemic which saw care for individual wellbeing surface as a major trend. We have expanded our innovation pipeline to meet consumer demand for teas with functional benefits, such as infusion blends.”

Last year, Clipper launched its first range of Organic Hemp infusions to offer a point of difference within the tea segment. As the company looks to innovate within the sector, we will see more products launched this year. Tea is a category which enjoys high consumer loyalty so, by offering superior tasting products, Clipper can drive repeat purchases across its routes to market.

The tea brand is at the forefront of sustainable tea production and is driving the pace to reduce plastics from its packaging to become even more environmentally friendly. Clipper’s CSR credentials are part of its messaging. This resonates with consumers and will be the bedrock of the brand’s future marketing efforts.

Can Tetley, Typhoo, PG Tips and R Twinning’s test Clipper’s customers loyalty in the function tea sector? We will see all the major tea brands launching functional teas and each company will need new campaigns to reflect its distinct purpose and differentiate itself from its competitors.