As scorching summers become the new normal for the UK, air conditioning brand Haier is one to watch. Haier recently partnered with Tomoro on a global, multichannel product launch campaign which aimed to reach two distinct markets for its new air conditioning unit. The first, aimed at the trade market, focused on ease of installation, while the second targeted consumers and showed how the unit kills ‘99.998%’ of air-bound bacteria.

Haier, owned by Haier Europe whose portfolio also includes Hoover and Candy, sells other home appliances such as fridge freezers and washing machines. Popular in Europe, the business focuses on making its products premium, innovative and modern. It wants to become the number one home appliances brand and is focusing on its Smart Home offering, connecting appliances across its brands through its hOn app. It is also planning for its products to be connected by 2023.

Some of Haier’s latest product launches include its I-Pro Series washing machines, and its Cube 90 Series 7 fridge-freezer which aims to help tackle the cost of living and food waste crises by allowing foods to be stored at different temperatures.
Haier sold over 500,000 built-in appliances in 2021 and is now aiming for 1 million built-in appliances sales by 2026. The company’s market share grew to 12.6% in 2021, up from 11.6% in 2020, and it wants to increase its turnover five-fold within the next five years.