Sustainable fashion brand Lucy & Yak created the first pair of its signature dungarees in 2017 and found a manufacturer in India. Its product quickly sold out and its rapid growth took off. The business is now listed 21st on The Sunday Times’ 2022 list of fast-growing companies, and it is planning to open more stores and expand its headcount over the next 12 months.

Lucy & Yak has green credentials, manufacturing its products from 95% organic or recycled materials in a solar-powered factory and delivering them in biodegradable packaging. It has also launched an official buy-back scheme to keep its used clothing in circulation. The business keeps women in mind when designing its clothing, making items fit comfortably for all sizes, complete with large pockets. It recently launched genderless items with vulva and period-themed designs.

The brand is about to get another boost from its association with pop star Ed Sheeran, who has launched his own exclusive collect¬ion. In March, Lucy & Yak appointed a digital PR agency.

Lucy & Yak saw annual sales growth of 119% over three years and achieved revenue of £17.4m in 2022. This fast-growing, forward-thinking brand has established a loyal following, but has the potential to reach even more of the millennial and Gen Z market, and beyond. To reach its goals, Lucy & Yak will need to invest in advertising, agencies, and marketing service providers.