The electric vehicle charging group spent £2m in Q2 on advertising all on TV. With the ULEZ extension introduced in London this week and other cities across the country following suit, the drive to attract as many drivers as possible that are shifting to electric means its advertising spend will be increasing exponentially to increase its brand’s profile.

The company has announced plans to list its shares in London as the market for EV infrastructure heats up ahead of the UK’s 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars. Owned by EDF and Legal & General, Pod Point will have a free float of at least 25% of issued share capital but will likely qualify for the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark on admission.

Pod Point has a leading position in installing home EV charging points with an estimated market share of 50 to 60%. It also has an estimated share of up to 20% of the workplace charging market. Its CEO Erik Fairbairn said the company was keen to increase investment in infrastructure which drivers can access during their journeys or when reaching their destination, such as at supermarkets.

Fairbairn also believes that their “smart network of charge points will be key in enabling the mass adoption of electric vehicles, helping customers to reduce their carbon footprint and supporting the UK to meet its net zero carbon emissions target.”

Is Pod Point the type of company you want as your next client? It currently doesn’t work with any agencies and ALF can introduce you to its marketing team.