Soaring demand for home delivery saw sales at the upmarket veg box provider spike by 45%, increasing revenues to over £100m.

Sales for the D2C B-Corp brand rose from £75.7m to £109.6m in the year to 30 April 2021. Its Chief executive Rob Haward said: “Our growth during the pandemic has predominantly been driven by existing customers buying more frequently. As the lockdown pressures have eased, we have seen our sales fall from current level for a period of time to settle to a new level. I expect the health, ethics and environment drivers that were strong before the pandemic to continue to fuel our future growth.”

The Devon-based company doesn’t appear to be working with an agency. If you want to see who is responsible for Riverford’s customer acquisition strategy, ALF can show you the marketing decision-makers for this sustainably conscious and eco-friendly brand.