The tofu specialists saw its turnover increase from £7m in 2019 to £20m last year. In 2020 alone, the company grew sales by 89%.

You may have seen the brand’s latest above-the-line campaign of an artist posing in a variety of lavish outfits, presenting equally lavish dishes made with tofu saying: “What? Never seen Tofoo before?” created by Who Wot Why. Is this a campaign you can expand on?

The Tofoo Co. is now the third largest brand in the chilled meat-free market and more than one million households are now buying its products regularly. Its success is in part due to the fact that not only do consumers enjoy its great tasting products, but also because they are conscious that the soy it uses is grown and harvested in a sustainable way.

The meat-alternative food brand has a product line consisting of 16 different types of tofu including its latest addition, The Tofoo Scrambled, a fast, ready-to-go tofu for consumers looking for a quick bite to eat. To keep track of The Tofoo Co. or any other brand that produces meat-free or plant-based foods click here.