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Purple Banana

At Purple Banana we help agencies practice what they preach and be their best client when it comes to their own marketing – helping them to design and build a strategy and delivery system that drives reliable growth.

Through our marketing transformation framework, we help agencies establish clear goals and strategies aligned to their business vision, develop value propositions that sing to the hearts and minds of dream clients, understand how to engage with their audiences at every stage of their buying journey to create raving fans, and align their people, processes, and tech to make it all happen.

We leave our clients with clarity and focus which enables them to make informed decisions and generates the return on investment they expect from their marketing budget… ultimately giving them the freedom to do the things they love!

We exist to create a movement that’s changing the world’s perception of the power of marketing… marketing isn’t a “nice to have” or a department that “does stuff” – when operating at a truly strategic level great marketing builds great businesses… and all this starts from within.


Whether you’re a marketing manager needing to scale social, an agency creating heaps of content, or an individual just starting out, ContentCal makes your job of creating and publishing content more enjoyable and productive. We’re trusted by thousands of amazing businesses, and would love for you to see why. Tanba members get the exclusive benefit of access to any ContentCal plan at 20% reduced rates.

Street Agency

We help agencies to get noticed and win work with the brands that need them. We believe that agency new business needs a fresh, more empowering approach that drives revenue quickly and builds an engaged audience to attract ongoing opportunities. We help agencies define their unique place in the market, creating and delivering a marketing plan, messaging and tactics. From asset creation (insight articles, webinars, case studies), to leading the outreach of the campaigns using our sophisticated marketing automation system – we help agencies win more new business, faster.

Propeller Group

Propeller Group is a leading B2B agency that provides a joined up approach to PR, content and business development.

From ambitious independent agencies, larger networks and established technology brands, we work with ambitious clients that are looking to drive growth and increase reputation.

For each client we bring together a wide range of expertise, our influential network and a track record of success.

The McHardy Collective

Since 2012, The McHardy Collective has helped marketing chiefs, HR leaders, creative directors and C-suite decision-makers get a better night’s sleep. Through a single relationship, brands and organisations can tap into a deep and reliable portfolio of agencies across a wide range of business disciplines. Every agency is hand-picked and road-tested. Each offers pace-setting expertise in their field. The process is smooth, the risk minimal. The output’s exemplary and the value obvious. From campaigns, creative and comms to employee engagement, events and expos – to sound, light and vision. Time and again, smart firms bank on The McHardy Collective.

Pitch 121

Pitch121 is a social selling and profile-based marketing service that was founded in 2018. This company has an amazing knowledge of how to grow your network, and they ensure they will grow and nurture relationships with clients before passing them over to you. Their aim is to expand your company to its full potential, help you bring in new business and increase revenue.

Master the Art

Master the Art was founded in 2015 by Catherine Allison who has 20 years of agency experience and excellent knowledge of lead presentation and communication skills. The company provides engaging personal skills training that improves the way you present yourself and your pitches and helps you communicate in a way that wins over more business. The overall aim of the company is to help agencies win over new business through the way they interact with clients.

Tish Mousell Training

Tish Mousell Training is a company run by Tish, who has 25 years of industry training and amazing knowledge on a variety of media aspects, such as presenting and negotiating. The company provides a variety of content-packed courses that are vital to meeting the training needs of global organisations and cover everything you need to know about the marketing industry, in extensive detail. The aim of the company is to transform the skillset of a team and teach them how to save money and time when it comes to working with clients.


Piscari is a company that provides negotiation training and coaching, as well as sales training and consultancy. This company has excellent knowledge of how to improve average deal values and sales conversion rates. Their courses are designed for sales teams to improve their negotiation skills and ensure that they benefit as much as possible from a deal. Overall, their aim is to help teams to become better and more successful negotiators and get more out of their hard work.


The UK’s 100 most influential business developers, The BD100 recognises the talent – in-house and consultant, managers and foot soldiers – leading the charge in marketing agency new business and business development. Our annual BD100 List ranks the UK’s top 100 business developers – it’s a showcase of the brightest talent driving client-agency relationships in UK marketing today. We shine a light on the skills, the pitches, the wisdom and the techniques of the best in the business – of business development.

Making Moves

Leaders in property. Innovators in the industry. We are offices.

Making Moves is made up of a group of individuals, from a range of backgrounds and experiences. We combine our knowledge, passion and innovation to provide our clients with a unique approach to property.

We pride ourselves on doing things differently, and don’t want to be recognised as a traditional property company. We advise forward thinking businesses on their office strategies, and represent them in a heavily landlord focused marketplace. Covering the entire process including relocation consultancy, building surveys, dilapidations, fit out project management, and exiting your building.

Our reputation and influence in the market has earned us buying power. With us by your side we will save you more time and money. When it comes to an office move, it’s often more expensive to just ‘do it yourself’.


Winmo’s sales tool — the answer to your prospecting problems.
Have a new vertical, geographic region, or customer persona you’re looking to tap into? Winmo makes it easy to navigate uncharted territory, empowering you to get up to speed on which companies and decision-makers should be on your target list, and what their current strategies and campaigns look like. And of course, we’ll provide the contacts you need to get in touch with so you can open the right doors.
There’s a complex constellation of decision-makers responsible for the budgets you want to target and finding them (plus their direct contact info) is a pain. Winmo does the research and maps all the details into one intuitive place. Whether brand, corporate, or agency contacts, you’ll find all related personnel, budget by budget, so that you can make the right connections with ease.
Eliminate friction points in the sales cycle by knowing exactly what a prospect’s strategies, struggles, and spending behaviour look like, so you can speak to their pain points and ultimately win the sale.


Pimento is the UK’s Leading Independent Marketing & Communications Network. Founded in 2005, Pimento creates bespoke teams drawn from our network of over 200 of the UK’s best independent agencies and consultants. Pimento is here to accelerate growth in a climate of unprecedented change, by changing the way an agency works.


There’s a lot more to Business Development than hitting the phones. The current crisis means digital, now, more than ever, has become the most critical component of your BD stack. But generating new business is hard enough already without having to worry about all that fiddly tech stuff.

Our mission in life is simple. We make your life easier by generating and nurturing new leads for you and your clients’ Business Development teams to close. We do this for you by deploying our marketing automation technology and support services to fill the technology gaps in your existing BD capability.

We can help if you’re a Business Development/Marketing Director, agency or team that:

  • needs to generate, acquire and retain more leads and sales for your clients or business Team
  • needs to automate your BD outreach, but don’t have (or want) an expensive full time Martech resource in house growth
  • is looking for a scalable solution that enables you to take on more clients without increasing fixed costs
    Reach out of you need a hand


Hubspot is a marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer.” Whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, simplify your processes, or build a powerful website, we have a solution to help you grow better.

HubSpot’s CRM platform has all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with inbound has never been easier.


A powerful tool for change! We’re on a mission to make great content accessible for everyone.

It’s tough to create winning digital content. Especially when your big-budget competitors spend a fortune on internal content creation, SEO consultants and creative agencies, pushing you down the rankings. So inflo.Ai reaches your audience — without the big spend.

We created inflo.Ai as the all-in-one tool that uses artificial intelligence for accessible and affordable digital content. It saves you time, gives you more for your budget, and gives one person the power of a whole content department.

We protect you from the dark arts of SEO and the whims of Google’s algorithms, so you can focus on creating brilliant content that people find useful, interesting, entertaining, and shareable.

Typically, by months 3 to 6 of using inflo.Ai, our clients are seeing a 200% increase in organic traffic, a 45% increase in clicks, a 24% increase in Impressions and have saved 3 hours per week to post an article using inflo.Ai.

E.I. Games

Who We Are: E.I. Games is an award winning, game based learning company, providing business skills training based on the principles of Emotional Intelligence. E.I. Games’ content, delivered across multiple media, is in use at over 50 colleges and universities including Arizona State University and Harvard School of Design, as well as global companies such as Oracle, Expedia and Google. E.I. Games is a company that values Emotional Intelligence and its practical application in all aspects of life, as well as fostering business educational environments that promote diversity, inclusion and equity. Our content subject matter include:

Areas of Expertise:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Leadership and Management
  • Team Building
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Pitch and Sell


Cognism is the world’s best global sales intelligence platform. With an internationally compliant database and unrivalled global data coverage, Cognism helps revenue teams to generate and close new business opportunities faster.

Comprising a powerful mix of innovative technology and human ingenuity – including intent data, outbound automation features and a team of go-to-market advisors – Cognism is the number one choice for B2B organisations looking to solve their revenue expansion challenges and overcome global compliance barriers.

Cognism is trusted by clients across the globe working in sales, marketing and revenue operations and is on a mission to drive the next evolution of sales and marketing technology. We believe there is a better way for revenue teams to approach prospecting which will drive predictable outcomes. We are taking prospecting from an art to a science.

ALF Insight

ALF Insight has been providing data and insight on the biggest advertisers and their agency relationships in the UK for almost 35 years, making it the leading provider and the most powerful source of information on the key marketing and advertising decision-makers for over 18,000 brands.

Since the introduction of GDPR, the ALF database has grown, providing accurate, valuable and compliant data built by its own research team. We make changes to our data every single day to enable you to quickly find your prospects, their contact details, and help you win new clients. Also, if you’re looking to build lists of contacts you want to send marketing emails to, ALF is perfect for you. You can populate lead lists by industry sector, job function and many more filters to generate contact lists specific to your criteria.

ALF researchers also monitor the industry and report on marketing activities such as new campaigns, new product launches, new marketing hires and new entrants to the market. ALF also shows you which of the leading brands have received funding for expansion plans or mergers and acquisitions, together with operational changes which affect a company’s marketing strategies and budgets, hence opening new opportunities for you to help these brands.

In addition, ALF breaks down advertising spend by quarter and media channel for each advertiser and brand to help you understand spend levels, allowing you to compare how much and where they spend compared to their closest rivals.
ALF Insight makes over 10,000 changes a week, making it the most accurate and quickest resource to identify new opportunities, and provides you with a comprehensive overview of more than £11 billion of annual advertising spend.